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Infoblox Lunch & Learn – DNS in the Cloud

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18 April 2017 @ 12:30 – 16:00
Exclusive Networks
A. Stocletlaan 202
2570 Duffel

Infoblox Lunch & Learn – DNS in the Cloud


  • ActiveTrust Cloud (DNS as a service)
  • Hybrid Cloud with Network Automation

ActiveTrust Cloud (DNS as a service)

Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud protects users whether they are on the enterprise network, roaming or in remote office or branch offices. It prevents DNS-based data exfiltration and automatically stops malware communications with C&Cs/botnets. ActiveTrust® Cloud provides these benefits with automated, high quality threat intelligence feeds and unique behavioral analytics. Delivered as a service, it is easy to use, deploy, and maintain without dedicated IT resources, and is an ideal solution for organizations who want to consume services from the cloud, or are concerned with extending protection to remote/branch office users and roaming users.

  • Why is DNS vulnerable?
  • Protecting Users On and Off Premises.
  • What is AT Cloud?
  • Learn about the integration between On Premises Infoblox and AT Cloud
  • How to qualify a project? Questions to ask
  • Demo

Hybrid Cloud with Network Automation

By migrating workloads to public or private clouds, you can enhance agility, reduce costs, and free IT resources to focus on core initiatives, instead of manually managing complex infrastructure. However, conventional IT management approaches require manual processes and siloed solutions that can undercut the very benefits you seek from cloud deployments. Legacy solutions lack the visibility and agility you need to effectively manage multi-platform environments. They also create inefficiencies and inconsistencies that hinder deployments, cause network disruptions, and increase your security risks.

  • Amazon/Azure integration-Automation
  • Cloud network automation (integration with VMWare, Openstack & Microsoft Orchestration)

Timing workshop
12h30 – Lunch
13h00 – Start workshop
16h00 – End workshop

Exclusive Networks
A. Stocletlaan 202
2570 Duffel (Antwerp

Infoblox Lunch & Learn – DNS in the Cloud