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Workshop: Secure Your Network Traffic with F5 BIGIP & SafeNet Enterprise HSM

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20 April 2017 @ 09:30 – 12:30
Hotel Légère
Rue Gabriel Lippmann, (Parc d'activité Syrdall), 5365 Schuttrange

Workshop F5 BIGIP and Gemalto HSM

Content Workshop

  • The need for SSL
  • SSL security solutions of F5
  • Why Gemalto HSM
  • F5 BIGIP & Gemalto HSM Demo by Exclusive Networks


More and more organizations are transforming not just their business services, but all communication—including outbound—with SSL to protect their data centers and their business. This means your customers increasingly need scalable SSL services that meet the needs of next-generation data centers while simplifying the management of the encrypted network. SSL is a foundational element of the F5 application delivery platform, providing best-in-class cryptography with SSL services that are scalable, agile, and deliver protection across data center, cloud, and hybrid environments.

F5 has offered integration with hardware security modules (HSMs) since the year 2000. These modules were developed specifically for ultra-high security environments where keys must not be compromised. High performance of these cryptographic modules was usually not the point. The devices were also quite expensive, often costing 10x the price of the host computer. The modules worked by allowing the hosting system to generate a key within the cryptographic device and then asking for information to be encrypted or decrypted with it. But the key itself could never pass through to the host in an unencrypted form.

SafeNet Enterprise HSMs integrate with BIG-IP’s Local Traf c Manager (LTM) and Access Policy Manager (APM) to secure the network over which BIG-IP delivers applications. SafeNet Enterprise HSM stores the certi cates and encryption keys at the heart of BIG-IP’s SSL transactions. LTM and APM intelligently deliver applications from best-performing data centers to authorized users in an effort to optimize network resources according to pre-de ned business policies. SafeNet ensures that the network activity managed by BIG-IP occurs in tunnels secured by robust encryption and server authentication.

SafeNet Enterprise HSM

SafeNet Enterprise HSMs are robust, high-availability, and high- performance appliances that store cryptographic materials (e.g. certi cates, encryption keys, etc.) in a secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper-proof hardware appliance. Storing these materials in a hardware appliance keeps them out of harm’s way and ensures that only authorized administrators have access to important encryption keys. With SafeNet Enterprise HSM as a security infrastructure’s trusted root, administrators can ensure the integrity of their cryptographic operations.

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Locations & Timing

Thursday 20 April – Luxembourg

Hotel Légère
11 Rue Gabriel Lippmann
Parc d’Activite Syrdall
Munsbach 5365

09:30  Welcome coffee
10:00  start session
11:15  coffee break
11:30  session
12:30  Lunch buffet in the Restaurant


Workshop: Secure Your Network Traffic with F5 BIGIP & SafeNet Enterprise HSM