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Web-scale Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC)

People expect the applications they use for work to be as responsive, simple, scalable and up-to-date as the personal apps on their phone or tablet. Organisations want their private cloud datacentre to support a scalable, dynamic software environment delivering applications at speed, in the way users want them.

Realising the vision of a hybrid, software-defined datacentre (SDDC) creates the perfect foundation for meeting dynamic, web-scale application demands.

Using Exclusive Networks solution ecosystem, partners can deliver the appropriate agile infrastructure and cloud functions – automated, intelligent, orchestrated and ready to go.

These solutions address customer demands for performance, agility, data governance and more. Specifically:

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Security Segmentation
  • Dynamic Application Delivery Control & Balancing
  • Software-Defined WAN & Datacentre Networking
  • Dynamic Data Management
  • System Orchestration
  • VM Resource Demand Control

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