Cloud Governance Specialist workshop

Duration 5 Days | Ongoing Course

The Cloud Governance Specialist workshop (comprised of CCP Modules 1, 2, 10, 11 and 12) provides instructor-led training and interactive lab exercises that cover the same topics as the Cloud Professional workshop, in addition to a series of topics that cover cloud governance practices, precepts and processes, as well as the cloud governance framework and lifecycle.

Target Audience
The Cloud Governance Specialist workshop is intended for anyone interested in understanding how private and public clouds, cloud-based assets, platforms and ecosystems can be regulated and evolved in support of fulfilling and adapting to changing business requirements. This workshop is also intended for anyone pursuing the Cloud Governance Specialist certification. The courses in this workshop are suitable for administrators, project managers, IT governance professionals, enterprise architects and other professionals involved with overseeing the on-going maintenance and evolution of cloud environments. This workshop may also be valuable to IT managers, decision-makers and stakeholders that want to better understand how to maximize the ROI potential and longevity of cloud-based investments.

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