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You know that threats are getting tougher, and there’s nothing traditional endpoint antivirus can do to stop them. Forget about a new generation or new version, you need SentinelOne – a new species of technology to protect you against advanced threats and zero-day exploits.

Did you know?

Traditional antivirus misses 25-50% of endpoint threats because it was designed for olden times (the 1980s)

Precious budgets are being wasted on ineffective solutions

There is an alternative, SentinelOne!

SentinelOne is the all-in-one endpoint security solution that:

  • Provides protection against known and unknown attacks
  • Identifies and mitigates malicious behaviours at machine speed
  • Replaces existing antivirus solutions while expanding protection against sophisticated exploits, insider/live attacks and APTs
  • Comes complete with deep endpoint visibility, search capabilities and real-time full-context forensics.

Evolved for a distant world in a long forgotten age, the antivirusaurus should have been extinct years ago. Heavy, tiny-brained and unable to stop unknown threats, it belongs in a museum, not your cybersecurity defences.

SentinelOne is the only end point protection solution designed for the digital age, not the ice age.

Only SentinelOne:

  • Is a next-generation endpoint protection solution certified as a replacement antivirus on OS X and Windows
  • Detects and prevents the most advanced attacks at every stage of their lifecycle
  • Covers all attack vectors, not just malware
  • Isn’t prone to evasions or bypasses
  • It’s time to say goodbye to security blackholes and system slowdowns with a fresh approach to endpoint security in a single lightweight, autonomous agent.

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