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80% of Enterprise-Managed Devices will be Mobile by 2018!*

* Gartner

Disruptive Enterprise Mobility 

Disruptive Enterprise Mobility On your Network (DEMON) is a unique solution framework from Exclusive Networks that blends the best-of-breed capabilities of the world’s leading mobility and Cybersecurity technologies.

DEMON addresses the challenges posed by increasing workforce mobility and exploits the growing opportunities created by the fast-evolving enterprise landscape. This is achieved by equipping Reseller Partners to work with their customers to devise tailored Mobility strategies and an end-to-end Secure Mobility Solution.

The net result is the ability to authoritatively and rapidly deliver:

  • An Enhanced User Experience
  • Greater Productivity
  • Full Visibility and Control of Enterprise Mobility
  • A Secure and Compliant Environment for all Applications, Data and Infrastructure

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