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BlackBerry AtHoc Partner Roundtable

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Think your organisation is prepared for a crisis? Are Australian Businesses truly ready?

Organisational crisis is no longer just about accidents and emergencies. Pressure is mounting to address the increase in both physical and cyber incidents, just like the cyber-attack on Parliament House in Australia recently.00

Security of staff, customers, on-site visitors and ensuring business continuity is top of mind for any executive in today’s fast paced shared environments. This means not just having the right tools, but also the experience in knowing how to use them when a crisis hits. This includes rigorous testing and training to ensure muscle memory is ready.

What are the key factors when selecting the right communication platform to support your organisation?

Join us for this exclusive roundtable event with BlackBerry AtHoc’s General Manager and SVP – Sanjay Saini to learn how BlackBerry AtHoc can help Australian businesses protect people and communities when organisational crisis strikes.


We will also talk about BlackBerry Channel Programs and their latest offering for Partners.

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