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Barracuda Webinar – Using Machine Learning to Spot and Block Targeted Attacks in Office 365

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Machine learning technologies are revolutionizing the practice of information security by helping sort out the signal from the noise of security events, suspicious patterns of activity and so on. Nowhere is the promise of machine learning more evident than in spotting targeted attacks like business email compromise, impersonation attempts, or account hijacking. And yet, machine learning and artificial intelligence are no panacea.

In this webinar, Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts will sit down with Asaf Cidon, VP of Content Security Services at Barracuda, to talk about machine learning’s promise and limitations.

Attendees will learn how new technologies can simplify the task of spotting suspicious activity or malicious campaigns, and how to best deploy security talent to complement and build on the work of machine learning technologies.

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21/02/2018 15:00 to 16:00

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