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Sell Bigger IT Solutions that More Customers Can Afford.

Financing & Leasing Services

Financing and leasing makes it easy for our reseller partners to sell bigger IT solutions that more customers can afford, and rapidly address the enterprise market’s increasingly OPEX-orientated, subscription-based IT consumption demands.

A range of specialised financing and leasing services are available to cover every IT project requirement and technology.

Partners who offer leasing benefit from:

  • Faster sales conversions
  • Improved business cash flow
  • Reduced sales costs
  • Differentiation of their market offering
  • Risk-free access to bigger deal opportunities irrespective of credit limit

Redefining Value

We are the leasing experts so you don’t have to be. Take advantage of bespoke and turnkey IT leasing options to satisfy any customer requirement.

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Flexible Leasing Options

Agile digital technologies demand flexible leasing. That’s why Exclusive Networks Financing and Leasing Services experience, knowledge and relationships ensure the best options for you and your customers.

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Value Added Services

Deliver the ultimate leasing experience under your own brand, by adding contract monitoring, reporting and budget management services to any financing solution.

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Exclusive Capital is now part of Exclusive Networks Global Services


Our Global Services complement the cybersecurity and cloud technology solutions available from Exclusive Networks, enabling partners to maximise extra service revenues and augment their existing capabilities while retaining focus on their core business.

Our extensive, flexible range of service offerings is designed to add value throughout the customer lifecycle, accelerating time to revenue, growing overall deal margins and transforming sales relationships from transactional to transformational. Services encompass multi-vendor professional and technical services, implementation and support, asset financing and leasing, project management and logistics, and accredited training. All are available on both a global and local basis.