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Each Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) Certificate of Excellence is proof of professional competency in a formalised field of practice in the cloud computing industry. Please see below for available certification tracks, exam format options, exam delivery options and individual certification descriptions.

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Certified Cloud Professional has mastered the fundamental topic areas of cloud computing, and has met minimum CCP qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in at least one additional area.

Module-Specific Exams: C90.01 + any one additional exam

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Certified Cloud Technology Professional has proven knowledge and capabilities concerning the identification, positioning and utilisation of modern cloud technologies, resources, associated concepts and decision-making criteria.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CTP – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.03

Certified Cloud Architect is proficient in the technology architecture that underlies cloud platforms and cloud-based IT resources/solutions, and has mastered the hands-on application of design patterns, principles and practices used to engineer and evolve such environments.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CAR – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.04, C90.05, C90.06

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Certified Cloud Security Specialist has detailed knowledge of common security threats, security controls and associated technologies/practices related to securing cloud platforms, cloud services and a range of IT resources based on typical cloud technologies.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CSE – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.07, C90.08, C90.09

arcitura cloud governance specialist logo

Certified Cloud Governance Specialist is proficient in defining, establishing and evolving governance controls and frameworks specifically for cloud-based IT resources and platforms, in support of organisational and technological governance requirements.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CGO – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.10, C90.11, C90.12

arciture cloud storage specialist logo

Certified Cloud Storage Specialist has an in-depth level of proficiency over the mechanisms, devices, technologies, practices and overall assessment criteria concerning cloud storage technologies and services.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CST – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.13, C90.14, C90.15

arciture cloud virtualization specialist logo

Certified Cloud Virtualization Specialist is proficient in applying virtualisation technologies, devices and mechanisms in both on-premise and cloud-based environments.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CVI – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.16, C90.17, C90.18

arciture cloud capacity specialist logo

Certified Cloud Capacity Specialist has proven capabilities in the capacity planning, monitoring and management of cloud platforms and cloud-based solutions to ensure that technology architecture layers within cloud environments transparently grow and evolve in response to new demands.

Single Combined Exam: C90.CCA – OR – Module-Specific Exams: C90.01, C90.02, C90.19, C90.20, C90.21

Exam Format Options

For each certification, candidates have three flexible exam format options:

  • Complete one module-specific exam for each course module in a certification track. Recommended for those who want to progress gradually  through a track and who would like to be assessed after each course module before proceeding to the next.
  • Complete a single combined exam for the entire certification track. Recommended for those who want to only take a single exam that  encompasses all course modules within a track.
  • Complete a partial exam for a certification track. Recommended for those who have already obtained a certification and would like to achieve  another certification without having to be retested on Modules 1 and 2 (because Modules 1 and 2 are common to all tracks). Partial exams only  encompass the courses specific to a certification track. For example, for the Cloud Architect certification, the partial exam only encompasses  topics from Modules 4, 5 and 6.

Exam Delivery Options

For each certification, candidates can take advantage of the following available exam delivery options:

  • Take exams or exam retakes via Exclusive Networks Global Services.
  • Take exams or exam retakes via Exclusive Networks testing centres or during private on-site workshops. (Note that exams taken during workshops do not  need to correspond to workshop courses.)
  • Take exams or exam retakes at Pearson VUE testing centres and via Pearson VUE online proctoring. Note that not all exam formats may be available via all exam delivery options. Contact your account representative to learn more about available  formats and delivery options for exams you would like to take.

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