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Cloud Vision – webinar

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As companies continually look to get the best return on investment, the way they buy IT is changing, moving away from traditional in-house delivery, towards various versions of the cloud.

This will see the adoption of cloud services rise and presents a huge opportunity for resellers to fulfil this on-demand approach.

With customers looking to reduce large-scale capital investment on IT hardware and services, resellers need to be in a position to meet this need.

For those that can, this will help increase future revenues as well as build long-term relationships with their customers.

In most situations we will be talking about a version of multi-cloud and not single cloud solutions. This could be with the known cloud providers such as Google, Azure, AWS, but also smaller known parties and on-premise environments.

Although use of cloud is more and more common these days up until now they were mostly provisioned and initiated by infrastructure teams as an IAAS platform.

This brings us to the current situation that there are silos of data and functionality without proper security and accountability, thus low visibility in our own environment.

As we are talking about multi-cloud, security and accountability will be a key foundation across all versions and instances of the cloud, to provide security and moreover visibility in the entire multi-cloud solution.

Join us for this webinar and start getting ready for the cloud era!


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15/01/2019 14:00 to 15:00

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