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F5 – Protect from credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers


Attackers and fraudsters can call upon a sophisticated suite of tools, including human-powered click farms, social engineering, and malware – all designed to defeat traditional defenses, such as WAFs and CAPTCHAs. Join the session to learn how to navigate the automated application attack-roadmap as it has progressed from the commodification of Credential Stuffing and ATO schemes to some of the most complex and cutting-edge examples of Manual Fraud capability and dark web marketplaces. Discover how Shape’s portfolio addresses the whole spectrum of automated attacks and associated fraud, and understand how organizations can protect their customers and brand without compromising user experience or collecting PII.

Chris Fuller – Senior Sales Engineering Manager within the Shape Security business unit at F5. Works with the largest brands across EMEA to deploy Shape as a primary line of defense against the most advanced forms of application abuse. Today, the Shape Network defends 1.6 bn user accounts from account takeover and prevents 42 M attacks per day. Chris has spent the last decade working with web technologies, focusing on tuning user web experiences for major brands by accelerating and protecting their web properties.

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2020-09-29 10:00 to 11:00

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