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Practical Advice to Security and Networking Professionals Regarding GDPR

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By now you have heard a lot on GDPR. It can range from basics to advice and sometimes vendor solutions. In our webinar, we would like you to get some practical recommendations you can use as a networking/security professional.

These recommendations will cover the following areas:

  • Architecture review – Identify and reduce risk, focusing on DNS as a point of control and visibility.
  • Support of security operations – Assess the impact of potential malicious network activity along with information sharing, enriching context and signaling between security tools.
  • Governance around DDI data – DDI data really helps in terms of network security but some of it will fall under the GDPR as some DDI data relates to a person.

Date & Timing
April 23th, 2pm


  • Jim Mozley
    Sr. Manager, SE Consulting
  • Luk Schoonaert
    Director of Technology
    Exclusive Networks
  • Erik Peters
    Sr. Systems Engineer


Date Time Location
23/04/2018 14:00 to 15:00 Webinar

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