Cloud Security Xplained – Knowledge Webinar


In our rapidly changing IT Network & Security industry, we are bombarded with new technologies, new solutions and new abbreviations every single day.  To make sure nobody is kept in the dark, Xplained is here to shed light on all (deep) technical mumbo jumbo.

Xplained will help you dot your I’s and cross your T’s so you can keep up with the latest security concepts or get a refresh of mature technologies.

Get your head in the cloud.

Our first Xplained webinar will tackle cloud security.  What is cloud?  What can you secure up there? Who’s responsible for what? What if you don’t secure your cloud?  And how do security vendors view the future of cloud?

Join this webinar and get a firm grasp on cloud security fundamentals.

After this webinar you will understand:

  • … cloud basics
  • … what can be secured in the cloud
  • … who is responsible for what
  • … the risks if you don’t secure your cloud
  • … how security vendors view the future of cloud

Pieter Wouters – Fortinet Presales Engineer at Exclusive Networks
Stefaan Leroux – Fortinet BDM at Exclusive Networks


Thursday 24 February – 10h00 – 11h00

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