EDR, XDR, NDR,… The Acronym Morning Session


EXN usually stands for Exclusive Networks, but not today. For this session EXN will stand for EDR, XDR, NDR.

Every vendor out there is using these acronyms and we are feeling like it is getting difficult for everybody to understand what it actually means.


If your endpoints get protected by the EDR, and your network analysed by the NDR, what does the XDR do exactly? And what is a SIEM, or a SOAR? What about the Data Lake you hear about in new XDR vendor product presentations? Where does my firewall fit in? And what about the SaaS solutions we have in production?

What is the focus for you as a partner or end user? Is it just a product you buy or is it more a strategy?  Should you go for a single vendor approach or a wider open solution? What to prioritise? Will your current decision have an impact on later implementations ?

That is why we are organising this session. Let’s take a step back and look at what problems we need to solve.

We will give you our honest vision, prepare you for taking your security maturity to the next level and understand the real advantages and pitfalls of the XDR strategy.PS: We will do a long Q&A so let the world of abbreviations (SASE, ML, ZTNA, MFA, RBA, CASB, SWG, SSO, IAM, … ) be your oyster.

09h30 – Start Webinar
11h00 – End


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