Exclusive Friday Talks – Nutanix Prism Pro


Webinar with demo + Beer & Cheese Tasting | Friday 19 March | 14:00 – 16:00

Legacy technology leads to slow, unstable, and expensive infrastructure―and businesses suffer as a result. With Nutanix, you can solve the pains of siloed infrastructure and experience a seamless cloud experience. Find out how during our “Exclusive Friday Talks – Powered by Nutanix” webcast series.

Nutanix Prism Pro improves the quality and efficiency in IT operations for the modern datacenter providing a set of features around advanced analytics and intelligent insights into managing a Nutanix environment.

Learn more on how to use/position these at your customers to manage operations at scale:

  • Capacity Planning and Runway Reports
  • Anomaly-detection and VM right sizing
  • Codeless Automation of your day-to-day IT operations
  • Application and Non-AOS Monitoring

This webinar will be a dynamic Show&Tell, combining compact slides with easy-to-follow demo’s.

Every “Exclusive Friday Talks” webcast will end with another sublime pairing: a “Cheese & Beer” tasting. A world of experiences and surprises awaits you.

14:00 – Get to know Nutanix Prisma Pro
15:00 – End Workskop
15:01 – Beer & Cheese Tasting
15:20 – End

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