NetSec 2021



Cloud & Security Conference


Due to the Covid-19 crisis we unfortunately had to skip last years edition.
But this year we are back with a brand-new concept!

Francesca Vanthielen will guide us through keynotes from Peter Hinssen, Luk Schoonaert, Fortinet & Thales.
During the breaks and lunch you can catch up on the latest cybersecurity & cloud innovations at the booths of our vendors.

We’ll wrap up with an elaborate lunch and networking drink.


NetSec is the Exclusive Networks yearly conference for those professionals looking to find out how the
latest IT innovations in Cybersecurity & Cloud can drive their business forward.

The conference is offering you:

  • Valuable Cybersecurity insights for both IT managers and security specialists.
    Hear from the experts how you can build stronger defences against cyberattacks, and recover more quickly if your systems are breached.
  • Solutions and strategies for building efficient, future-proof infrastructures.
    Heads of IT and infrastructure managers can explore all the latest, value-added data centre technologies from software, equipment and hosting.
  • Next generation of cloud solutions for enterprises.
    Discover how the hottest new technologies can help you build more scalable, agile, efficient IT.
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