Security Fabric Challenge


14 July – Competition for Techies

The Fortinet Security Fabric Challenge is a skill-based competition that consists of small teams competing against the clock and against other teams to complete several technical challenges presented to them in a “capture-the-flag” style competition. The challenge is designed to test their mastery of Fortinet security solutions combined with our partners’ ability to successfully configure protections against the latest cyber threats and covers SD-WAN, Incident Response, Zero Trust, and more. The Fortinet Security Fabric Challenge is a perfect opportunity for individuals who have invested time and effort to become skilled with Fortinet products to demonstrate their expertise to a wider audience.

The 3-hour competition will start with a discussion of rules and basic instructions. This competitive, hands-on workshop will divide the participants into teams, to securely deploy Security Fabric core products into a modelled customer network. During the event, once the clock is started, teams will be presented with a realistic network scenario and a list of tasks they must complete and objectives to be met before the designated time expires. This is an “open-world” gaming environment where teams are free to choose the order in which they complete tasks and their approach to meet the objectives. Each team will be scored based on completing a series of configuration objectives, answering questions about the environment, and on their Security Rating score. These tasks and objectives will range from basic recall to more abstract problem-solving. Bonus points can be awarded for the first team(s) to achieve each task or objective.


09h00 Welcome
09h30 Session part 1
11h00 Break
11h15 Session part 2
12h30 Lunch

Technical profiles

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