XDR Marketplace – Solution Integration Seminar



The solution for every problem is teamwork. Following that philosophy, we’re organising our XDR Marketplace seminar.
Not so long ago we talked about product integration that you could implement with API’s and coding you have to do yourself.
Sounds good and promising but not that easy to implement and maintain.

This is where SentinelOne’s XDR Marketplace makes the difference. It gives you integrations with a click of a button.

Let’s see how easy it is to setup and what added value this brings us.

SilverFort’s technology will show you how to enforce zero trust with SentinelOne. But why stop there if we can enhance our security with the integration of Netskope to protect that service edge?

Combining best in class XDR with a one of a kind Unified identity platform and adding an SSE leader? It’s the perfect recipe for success .

12h00    Welcome & Lunch
13h00    Presentation
15h00    Let’s Padel
17h00    Drinks at the bar


Padel Club Cabane
Jachthavenweg 1
2050 Antwerpen


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