XPlained – SASE is not a product


After our Acronomyms sessions about EDR,XDR & NDR we quickly talked about Secure Access Service Edge and realise that we need a dedicated session about it.


Why? Well just Google SASE. The first 5 results are vendors talking about it.

SASE is not a product people, it is an architectural approach to improve network connectivity and security. SASE makes it possible to provide secure access regardless of where users, data, applications or devices are located.

During this session Davy De Mits and Stijn Van Hoof will share their point of view. They will explain the goal of SASE and how to get there.

Gartner is even talking about SSE (Secure Service Edge) which is a huge part of the SASE architecture. The road is long and complicated, but our mission is to guide you through it.

After this session you should feel confident to know where to start, what to focus on and how to reach you goal.

This session is hybrid so if you are not able to attend at our offices you can follow it online via Zoom.

10h00  –  Welcome & Coffee
10h30  –  XPlained: SASE is not a product
12h00  –  Lunch

Doesn’t matter if you are a network or security guru or IT minded and eager to learn more. Open for technical and non-technical profiles.


Online or at the Belgian Exclusive Networks Offices
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2570 Duffel

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