Exclusive Networks welcomes new Sales Director, Ingrid Dierickx.

Antwerp, 6 January 2020 – Ingrid Dierickx has joined Exclusive Networks as new Sales Director.  She will be reinforcing the Belgian sales team and help them cater for the needs of more than 400 Enterprise and KMO customers.

Ingrid has built her career in the IT Network ecosystem, establishing and developing sales teams while securing double digit growths. In this new role, she will bring her significant experience to lead the sales and business development teams, elaborate the sales strategy and finetune the current processes.

“I enjoy making it happen. I’m as result driven as people oriented.  I rely on my imaginative power and analytical insights to design and implement innovative solutions.” reveals Ingrid Dierickx (Sales Director Exclusive Networks)

“Which is exactly why Ingrid is such a good match for Exclusive.” adds Ben Aelbrecht (General Manager, Exclusive  Networks),“Exclusive Networks is a unique place. We’re rewriting the rules, not following the same path as everyone else.  That’s why we’re only looking for people who aren’t afraid of disrupting the norm.”

About Exclusive Networks

Here at Exclusive Networks we accelerate market entry and growth for innovative cybersecurity and cloud solutions. This makes us the go-to choice for market leading technologies and reseller partners.

  • Our business model of a single touch/multiple markets VAD, is unique.
  • We combine specialist value-adding technical and marketing support, with the volume and reach of a global distributor.
  • Reseller partners around the world rely upon us to boost their business opportunities and achieve new revenues from the changing technology landscape.

Exclusive Networks continually challenges traditional VAD models, redefining value and creating differentiation. We call this ‘Disruptive Distribution’.