Terms and Conditions

Registrations need to be made by use of a fully completed official on-line registration form. Reservations made by telephone should be confirmed by mail within the following 3 days. The acceptance and confirmation of the registration will be sent to you after receipt of the registration. Registration for a course means the participant accepts all Exclusive Networks’ internal rules.

Training Calendar and Prices
Please check our training calendar or contact our sales team for an accurate training schedule. All prices are in Euro and are VAT exclusive. Prices are subject to change without notice: please consult our website or contact the Exclusive Networks sales team for current pricing and availability.

The course fee covers the cost of the class, the original manuals, lunch and beverages. Some documentation can also be ordered separately as self-tuition kits, although the purpose of this material is primarily not self-tuition. The participant does not have the right to copy the material, hand it to a third party, or publish it without the written permission of Exclusive Networks. The training centre has the right to change the content of the course.

Payment Conditions
The course invoice will be sent to you one month before the beginning of the course. Should the registration be made less than one month before the beginning of the course, the invoice will be sent to you as soon as the registration is official. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, all courses must be fully paid and payment must be registered with our finance department before the beginning of the course. If this condition is not met, Exclusive Networks has the right to refuse participation to the course. Full payment for each attendee must be received prior to the beginning of the course, otherwise the customer will carry all costs that occur due to late or incomplete payment. For all other aspects the ‘General Delivery and Payment Conditions’ of Exclusive Networks are applicable. These conditions are available upon request and can be found on the back of the invoice.

Cancellation of a course is only possible by written notice. A course that you cancel up to two weeks before its start will be charged for 20% of the entire sum. Should your cancellation occur less than two weeks before the beginning of the course or should a participant fail to show up on the course dates, you will be charged for the entire sum of the course. It is however possible to replace a registered person by another person who can attend the course at the registered time and date. Rescheduling requests will be treated case by case: please contact Exclusive Networks for more details.

Two weeks before the start of a training  Exclusive Networks will send a confirmation if the course will take place.

Exclusive Networks holds the right to cancel a course and reschedule it should there be less than 3 participants and is not responsible for transport or hotel penalties incurred because of cancelled courses.

Personalized training
Feel free to contact us for more information on tailor-made trainings.