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cybersecurity training for your employees or clients

online or classical instructor-led interactive training
Class size: up to 15 students per session
Timing: 4 hours on demand
Location: online, your location or at Exclusive Networks

Weakest link

Your IT security is only as strong as your weakest link. As the majority of all information security incidents are caused by human error, that link is most often the end user.   Some click the wrong link while others simply lose a USB stick with sensitive company data or unintentionally share confidential information.

Employees often don’t realise the important role they play within their company’s information security.  Hackers prefer to make it easy for themselves.  Avoiding firewalls and virus scanners is difficult, but it is a piece of cake to trick people.

Cybercriminals do not sit still, so why would you?

Human Firewall
By creating more awareness employees will modify their online behaviour. When they are using strong passwords and alerting IT to unusual activity or suspicious mails, they can become the first line of defense against security incidents. To help you create more awareness Exclusive Networks will be organising Security Awareness sessions.

Security Awareness Sessions
These sessions are suitable for everyone, from the receptionist to the CEO. The participants get an overview of the basics of IT security.

After this session everyone will be able to identify and report day-to-day computer risks.  This can range from installing a game on a smartphone or PC, using social media at and after work, recognizing false emails, using unsafe passwords, to the risks of having copies lying around on the copier.

This security awareness session will be fully experienced from a hacker’s perspective. No boring powerpoints, but passionate hackers at their best!

Every session is packed with practical examples and live hacking moments – that stick.


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