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The Autonomic Platform for Any Infrastructure, Any Application, Any Cloud.
Real-time. Self-managing. Application Performance.

Turbonomic’s Autonomic Platform enables heterogeneous environments to self-manage to assure the performance of any application in any cloud. Turbonomic’s patented decision engine dynamically analyzes application demand and allocates shared resources in real time to maintain a continuous state of application health.

Turbonomic solves the problem of assuring application performance across dynamic and complex shared environments through an Autonomic Platform built on a common abstraction and data model. The platform provides decision automation including initial placement, scheduling, adding or removing CPU, memory or storage, and commissioning or decommissioning instances, VMs or containers. With a complete understanding of the application supply chain and interdependencies, Turbonomic enables application workloads, infrastructure and cloud entities to self-manage maintaining a continuous state of application health.

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