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Verkaufen Sie größere IT-Lösungen, die sich mehr Kunden leisten können.

Financing & Leasing Services

Finanzierung und Leasing machen es für unsere Reseller-Partner leicht, größere IT-Lösungen zu verkaufen, die sich mehr Kunden leisten können. Sie können damit auch schnell auf die veränderten IT-Bedürfnisse im Enterprise-Segment reagieren, die sich an Betriebskosten orientieren und Subscription-Modelle verlangen.

Eine Reihe spezialisierter Finanzierungs- und Leasing-Services steht beriet, um die Anforderungen jedes IT-Projekts und jeder Technologie zu erfüllen.

Partner, die Leasing anbieten, profitieren von:

  • Schnelleren Verkaufsabschlüssen
  • Verbessertem Cash Flow
  • Verringerten Vertriebskosten
  • Differenzierung
  • Risikofreiem Zugang zu größeren Deals, unabhängig vom Kreditlimit


Einer neuen Definition von Mehrwert

Wir sind Leasing-Experten, damit Sie keiner sein müssen. Profitieren Sie von maßgeschneiderten, schlüsselfertigen IT-Leasing-Optionen, um alle Anforderungen Ihrer Kunden zu erfüllen.


Flexible Leasing-Optionen

Agile digitale Technologien erfordern flexibles Leasing. Deshalb gewährleisten die Erfahrung, das Wissen und die Beziehungen von Exclusive Networks die besten Optionen für Sie und Ihre Kunden.


Value Added Services

Bieten Sie die ultimative Leasing-Erfahrung unter Ihrer eigenen Marke, indem Sie jede Finanzierungslösung durch Vertragsüberwachung, Reporting und Budget-Management ergänzen.


Redefining Value

Exclusive Networks will provide your sales team with all the information and support it needs to sell leasing independently and confidently and make a significant difference to your business straight away.  We make the complex world of IT leasing easy and, with our strong reputation in the IT sector, enable you and your customers to enjoy complete peace of mind.

How it works:

  1. Choose from a simple range of flexible leasing products and get instant quotes on your deals direct with Exclusive Networks.
  2. Regardless of leasing terms and conditions agreed by your customer, you’ll receive 100% payment within three working days, saving you valuable time and effort chasing debtors.
  3. As well as this major boost to cashflow, we also cut your accountancy overheads by settling all other payments in the IT supply chain so no-one chases you for money. The customer’s contract is with Exclusive Networks, but that customer’s relationship is always with you. That’s why we make it simple for you to review the agreement, refinance to add extra deals, or check renewal dates at any time.

Flexible Leasing Options

More and more businesses want leasing options, but finding them all doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Contact Exclusive Networks today to discuss your project requirements. Our solutions can cater for:

  • Complex deployments with multiple project elements under a single contract
  • Individual leasing contracts geared for each project element
  • Complete leasing for services and support, not just IT hardware and software
  • Flexible repayment schedules, typically monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Generous payment terms at competitive rates over the short or long term
  • Repayment deferrals and/or payment holidays to enable costs to be aligned with revenues
  • Specialist requirements such as leaseback of IT assets, capitalisation leases, IAS 17 leases etc.

*Note that terms and conditions apply, and that availability of solutions can vary between countries

Value Added Services

Harness the power of Exclusive Networks Finance & Leasing to create a compelling, branded IT leasing proposition to your customers. Our experienced IT leasing and financing professionals are on hand to provide a complete end-to-end experience through a suite of value-added services:

  • Billing
    • Detailed, itemised reports delivered to your chosen frequency
  • Insurance
    • Multi-risk coverage and rapid claims management for leased assets
  • Budget management
    • With annual pricing schedules, audit trail etc.
  • Contract management
    • Up-to-date progress on leasing contracts and development potential
  • Equipment management
    • IT asset registry/tracking service

*Note that terms and conditions apply, and that availability of solutions can vary between countries

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