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Cortex XDR UTD Threat Hunting Online Workshop


SecOps teams and analysts investigating security-related events not only need to investigate an increasing number of events from different tools, they also need to become faster and more precise in order to keep up with the increasingly advanced attackers.

In this Cortex XDR UTD Threat Hunting Online Workshop you will learn how to successfully stop cyber attacks by analyzing enriched data and warnings. Learn how you can optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your security measures by better detecting and investigating creeping attacks.

In this practical online workshop on reaction to security-critical incidents, you will also learn how you can use Cortex XDR:

  • Improve your detection and response skills with the help of behavior analysis
  • Quickly investigate attacks to find the root cause of alarms
  • Accelerate “threat hunting” with the help of enriched data
  • Create user-defined rules that can trigger warnings in the event of suspicious behavior

Language: English


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Date Time Location
2020-06-16 8:30 to 12:30 online

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