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Webcast: Business-First Networking with SD-WAN

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A business-first networking model is one in which the network conforms to the business in contrast to the legacy router-centric approach where applications — and the business— must conform to the constraints imposed by the network.

With a business-first networking model, IT centrally orchestrates QoS and security policies for groups of applications based on business intent. The configuration is programmed automatically to all locations across the network. From that point onwards, the network automatically and continuously connects users directly and securely to applications delivering optimum performance.

Through real-time monitoring of applications and WAN services, a business-driven network automatically “learns” of any changes in network conditions that might impact application performance and then automatically “adapts” to give every application the network and security resources it needs to deliver the best Quality of Experience to users.

Join us for answers from Silver Peak to the following questions

  • What is Business-Driven SD-WAN?
  • What are the benefits of SD-WAN?

and learn more about SD-WAN use cases such as

  • Router Replacement: Replacing conventional branch routers
  • WAN Edge Security: Securing applications and branch users
  • WAN Optimization Refresh: Accelerating applications on the fly

Hear more about the features and benefits of the Silver Peak Unified SD-WAN Edge Platform as well as the benefits of partnering with them.

Free registration here:

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01/04/2020 14:00 to 15:00 online



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