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Webcast: How to visualize and secure data center and cloud infrastructure


Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving rapidly from a traditional data center model to cloud and hybrid cloud architectures with a mix of platforms and application deployment models. Not to forget the latest development towards container environments. While this transformation is helping many organizations achieve greater business agility and reduce infrastructure costs, it is also creating a larger and more complex security attack surface.

As the traditional concept of a network perimeter becomes less relevant, each individual server becomes a possible launch point for an attack. Attackers are responding to this shift by increasing their focus within the data center. One speaks of east-west traffic or of lateral movement.

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform is a comprehensive data center, cloud and container security solution for the visibility of data traffic in the data center and for segmentation of IT infrastructure. Guardicore Centra provides deep visibility into application dependencies and flows and enforcement of network and individual process-level policies to isolate and segment critical applications and infrastructure.

Join us and Guardicore to learn more about how to visualize and secure data center, cloud, hybrid-cloud and container infrastructure as well as

  • Reducing complexity with an infrastructure-agnostic approach that works consistently across any environment, platform, or operating system
  • Reducing risk with granular segmentation policies that prevent lateral movement within your data center, cloud and container environments
  • Innovating faster by integrating security into DevOps and IT automation workflows without creating obstacles or requiring application changes
  • Integration and orchestration with CMDB and fast integration with API interface

Hear more about the features and benefits of the Guardicore Centra Security Platform as well as the benefits of partnering with them.

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01/04/2020 10:00 to 11:00 online

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