Infinidat Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics, Support, Monitoring, and Reporting

Customers with a global storage deployment, some with hundreds of petabytes, are looking for a simpler solution to provide them with infrastructure-wide predictive analytics, monitoring, and reporting on capacity and performance so they can address potential issues before they become a problem. Millions of data points, across a global install base, analyzed in real time, provide them with the context they need to optimize operational efficiency and availability.

Infinidat’s InfiniVerse is a cloud-based, AI-driven advanced monitoring, predictive analytics and support platform. It includes customizable dashboards for all InfiniBox systems, wherever they reside, as a single system. In-depth insights give customers the ability to identify reclaimable capacity, forecast growth, model performance, and identify configuration issues that might impact performance or availability.

InfiniVerse is delivered as a secure, cloud-based service at no additional cost to Infinidat customers.

The benefits include

  • Simple to Use
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Reduction of TCO Even Further
  • Insight

To find out more about exploring performance, enhancing visibility, eliminating surprises and exploring capacity utilization across all systems in global storage deployments, download the Infinidat InfiniVerse data sheet or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.