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Immunity at the end point
Grant it. Prove it. Sell it.


SentinelOne was founded to develop a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection. It’s one that applies AI and machine learning to thwart known and unknown threats. SentinelOne understands how much endpoints matter. When attackers come after privacy, intellectual property, infrastructure and collaborative modes of working, they assault more than just data. You’re under attack, and so are your values. That’s why SentinelOne are dedicated to keeping their breakthrough platform ahead of threats from every vector.

Why SentinelOne

SentinelOne autonomous endpoint protection saves you time by using multiple AI engines, providing complete visibility into all activity, and even rolling back threats with a single agent.Offering a powerful and complete endpoint security, the simple way to sell and manage.

Look beyond prevention. Offer customers immunity from file and fileless malware – with automated detection, response and remediation:

  • On every endpoint
  • On the widest range of operating systems (including MacOS and Linux)
  • Against every type of attack
  • At every stage in the threat lifecycle
  • And quickly prove it with a simple POC

For your customers:

  • Get more done in less time: the simplest solution to sell, integrate and manage
  • Strong margins – at point of sale, and on professional services
  • Multi-tenancy for scale and efficiency

Case Studies

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