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Thales – Bring your own Encryption to the Cloud (BYOE) – Webinar 20.05.2020

IT Departments are balancing the need for optimising performance and availability along with how best to ensure heightened security when considering their Cloud adoption. Encryption is the most effective way of securing that data.

Considerations include: Should organisations rely on cloud native encryption only? Is there any effective Key Management available? Do you have complete control of your keys and a root of trust? Are you protected against the attacks that begin from within the cloud infrastructure?

Join Manajo Bhati as he uncovers:

– How can you bring your own encryption in the Cloud.
– How to have complete control of your keys.
– The best layer to encrypt your data (application, database, file/folder, etc…)
– How key management is the most important part in encryption.
– How organisations can cater for cloud, multi Cloud and hybrid cloud use cases.

Live online May 20 12:00 pm Denmark – Copenhagen
or after on demand 45 mins
Presented by
Manoj Bhati – Pre-Sales Consultant, Thales

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