XDR Vendors Assemble

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Join Exabeam and Exclusive Networks for an EMEA webinar with Guest Speaker from Exabeam, Gorka Sadowski – Chief Strategy Officer.

Following on from the recent XDR Expo where we discovered how Exabeam plays an integral role in a successful XDR strategy by providing full content behind security alerts and exposing:

– What happened before and after?

– What is the connection?

– The target and where did they originate?

Gorka will also share and discuss the Exabeam roadmap for 2022 and beyond.

Exabeam will help you to make sense and automate responses.

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    If you missed the XDR Expo – we will provide a quick recap. Discussing:

    What is XDR?

    XDR is designed to help security teams:

    • Identify sophisticated or hidden threats
    • Track threats across any source or location within the organization
    • Improve productivity of the analysts operating the technology
    • Investigate threats more effectively and efficiently

    Find out more about:

    • XDR – what is it and how does it work?
    • Why is XDR relevant to you
    • How can you maximise margin and upsell opportunities by using XDR
    • How to spot an XDR opportunity

    In addition join Exabeam for their Seize the Breach webinar series

    June 16th – The CISO’s Response Plan After a Breach


    July 21st – What’s Up (with all these) Breaches?


    August 18th – Supply Chain Breaches and other OT/IoT Scenarios