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CARM (Cyber Attack Remediation & Mitigation) is Exclusive Networks’ unique cybersecurity solution framework, driving a portfolio of disruptive and innovative cybersecurity solutions on the journey to address changing risk.

Instead of being motivated by fear, organisations use the CARM framework to think in a new way about cybersecurity challenges, using tools to target and accelerate improvement according to their specific objectives and circumstances.

The resulting climate of fear stops many businesses from embracing their digital potential and yet those who successfully operate at the digital frontier have 2-3X faster profit margin growth.*

No Compromises With CARM

Cybersecurity should never be a compromise between strong protection and dynamic business agility. Achieve both with a truly end-to-end solution that keeps pace with the threat landscape, enables the broadest portfolio of cybersecurity capabilities and harnesses the power of emerging technology.

With CARM organisations can switch their cybersecurity strategy from an outward looking posture, to a universal approach that never rests, and applies specialised, integrated solutions for internal and external threats.

CARM satisfies business objectives for greater security AND agility, protecting core data and infrastructure, meeting tough new compliance, and empowering organisations with the freedom to take risks as securely as possible.

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* McKinsey Global Institute, The Accelerating Digitization of the US Economy


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