Exclusive Networks Business Continuity Statement

Following the developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19 disease), we would like to share with you the processes we have in place to ensure service continuity to our partners. Our priority of course, is the health and well-being of our people, our partners and the community at large, and we are also committed to providing the service you rely on us for and we are well-prepared to continue with no interruption to normal service levels.

Our back-office and operational systems have been designed with resilience and flexibility, and we have longstanding business continuity plans in place to facilitate remote working and collaboration throughout all our business processes.

Please see the following steps we are taking:

  • Staff are working remotely and we are currently allowing only one person per day into the office in City West when shipments have been received so they can be shipped out.
  • We are currently running a ‘goods in – goods out’ model to ensure a smooth service.
  • International travel has been put on hold across all countries in Exclusive Networks
  • Travelling between Exclusive Networks Ireland office and around Ireland is suspended in line with Government requirements.
  • All Exclusive Networks staff are working remotely in line with Government requirement using our standard flexible working arrangements. This includes secure access to sales systems, order processing, quotes, etc.
  • Your calls will be answered and escalated in the normal way using the phone numbers you currently use.
  • For all remote workers IP phones will take over from land line phones allowing uninterrupted phone access to our teams, and ensuring all depts. Can carry on working business as usual.
  • • There are no face-to-face meetings pro term, but where appropriate, extensive use is being made of Microsoft Teams and other collaboration environments to facilitate knowledge transfer, planning and other meeting purposes.
  • Our pre-sales team and site engineers are all available to support your needs remotely via phone/Microsoft Teams or your preferred virtual platform.
  • Please note we have taken the decision to cancel the Exclusive Networks Summit planned for 23rd April in London.
  • As the Government has cancelled all events, we will be reviewing small scale events on a case by case basis once permitted to so do and where possible we will move to virtual environments in the meantime
  • Exclusive Networks remains committed to supporting your business with a “business as usual” level
    of service and will continue to monitor the situation, providing you with updates as and when

If you have any questions, please contact your internal or external sales representative.

Kind regards
Gerry Sheldrick