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Exclusive Networks Technical Academy


The Exclusive Networks Technical Academy has been designed to give our new engineers a structured learning experience, and exposure to our clients’ technical issues as they gain the required levels of experience and certifications. During our 2 year program they will become equipped for the challenges in the senior Technical Support roles, and capable of dealing with complex technical faults and requests. As opportunities arise, engineers will be prepared to move on to Pre-Sales, Professional Services, and Training roles.

In addition to the structured learning and development offered by the Academy, there are also incentives in place to reward engineers who are meeting their requirements:

  • Engineers will collect credits as they progress. These credits are paid after completing one and then two years’ service.
  • Successfully passing certification exams for our vendors will award exam bonuses. The specific bonuses vary, and are based on technical complexity.
  • Engineers will be eligible to participate in the Company bonus scheme under which they may be entitled to receive a bonus payment of up to 10% of their annual base pay.
  • Regular pay reviews with two built-in increases for the first year, to reflect the engineers increasing knowledge and experience.
  • Role: 1st line Support Engineer

    Year 1

    Month 1 – 3

    • Complete online training for two vendors
    • Attend 2 vendor classroom training courses
    • Pass 2 foundation certifications related to training courses
    • Receive hands-on training on configuring and testing all vendor products

    Month 4 – 6

    • Enter 24×7 shift rota
    • Attend 2 vendor classroom training courses
    • Pass 2 certifications related to training courses
    • Receive lab training with senior 1st line engineers
    • Begin lab use for case work and replicating customer issues

    Month 7 – 9

    • Attend 1 vendor classroom training course
    • Pass certification related to training course
    • Remote meetings with customers to investigate/troubleshoot issues

    Month 10 – 12

    • Bootcamp training for advanced certifications
    • Pass 1st advanced certification

    Year 2

    Month 13 – 18

    • Pass 2nd advanced certification
    • Attend additional vendor classroom training courses
    • Review performance and knowledge requirements for Senior 1st line engineer role
    • Shift change (no night or weekend shifts) if promoted to Senior role

    Month 19 – 24

    • Pass 3rd advanced certification
    • Attend advanced vendor classroom training
    • Pass 4th advanced certification
    • Mentor junior 1st line engineers
    • Review performance and knowledge requirements for 2nd line engineer role

    Expected profile and achievements of 1st line Engineer with 2 years experience

    • More than 10 different certifications related to network security and wireless vendors
    • Ability to replicate/verify customer issues using lab devices
    • Regularly investigates and troubleshoots issues with customers on remote meetings
    • Specialised in at least 2 vendor products, and ability to work at an expert level on related cases
    • Assist and mentor junior engineers
    • Senior 1st line engineer (based on team vacancy)
    • Prepared for 2nd line engineer role, and ready to begin training for Professional Services/Pre-sales role.

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Education, experience and the accumulation of knowledge. All are critical ingredients for the provision of first-rate support and issue resolution. At the heart of Exclusive Networks Passport Global Services sits the 24/7 Network Support Centre. The dozens of resident engineers have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, ensuring a broad and deep collective knowledge-base. One thing all have in common though is the Exclusive Academy – a two-year, stringent, multi-vendor training programme. The Academy ensures consistent, high standards of partner support, resolving more issues, earlier and avoiding costly and lengthy escalations.

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