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Introducing Cymulate


The market leader in cybersecurity risk validation and exposure management

Cymulate Tests Your Defences

Through our partnership with Cymulate you can give your customers confidence in their cybersecurity controls. Cymulate challenges every bit of your customer’s cybersecurity posture to find the gaps.

Why Cymulate?

The market for cyber posture management and continuous security validation is estimated to grow at 35% CAGR over the next few years to reach $2bn by 2026, presenting a significant opportunity for security resellers, service providers and MSSPs to complement their existing cybersecurity portfolios, develop new services revenue and drive growth opportunities.


More about Cymulate

Cyber posture management and continuous security validation

Your customer’s security posture is affected by many different variables—both known and unknown—that are constantly changing and causing perpetual drift. Maintaining a robust security posture and keeping risk low requires security teams to continuously monitor their security program’s performance, end-to-end. Cymulate empowers security leaders to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing risk exposure with a continuous security assurance program.

With Cymulate cybersecurity risk validation and exposure management solutions, companies effectively manage their exposure to cyber threats, map and block possible breach routes, and validate security controls’ performance.


How does it work?


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