Implementing ArubaOS-CX Switching – HYBRIDE

Learn the advanced skills necessary to implement and operate enterprise level Aruba campus switching solutions.

This course teaches you the advanced skills necessary to implement and operate enterprise level Aruba campus switching solutions. You will build on the skills you learned at the Associate level to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions using Aruba’s OS-CX routing and switching technologies. In this course, participants learn about ArubaOS-CX switch technologies including: securing port access with Aruba’s dynamic segmentation, redundancy technologies such as Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), link aggregation techniques including Link Aggregation Protocol (LACP) and switch virtualization with Aruba’s Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) and Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF). This course is approximately 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab exercises.


Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP)

Vereiste voorkennis

ArubaOS-CX Switching Fundamentals, Rev. 20.21.


Typical candidates for this course are IT Professionals who will deploy and manage networks based on HPE’s ArubaOS-CX switches.

Lijst met onderwerpen

  • Introduction to Aruba Switching
    Switches overview
  • NetEdit
    Centralized configuration
    Switch groups/templates
    AOS-CX mobile App
  • Network Analytics Engine (NAE)
    Core NAE feature lab
    sflow, local mirror, remote mirror
  • VSX
    VSF vs. VSX: access and Agg/core design
    Stacking review
    VSF and uni/multi packet forwarding
    Stack fragments / split brain
    VSX Overview: roles, control, data, management planes
    VSX components (ISL, Keepalive, VSX LAG, Active Gateway, Active-Forwarding, Link Delay)
    Split Brain scenario
    Upstream Connectively Options (ROP single VRF, SVIs with multiple VRF, VSX Lag SVIs with multiple VRFs)
    Upstream/Downstream unicast traffic flow (South-North and North-South)
    VSX Configuration: VSX and Active Gateway
    VSX firmware updates
  • ACLs
    Overview: types, components
    MAC ACL, Standard ACL, Extended ACL,
    Classifier-based Policies
    Configuration: wildcard bits, logging, pacl, vacl, racl
  • Advanced OSPF
    Review basic OSPF
    Multi area: setup and aggregation
    Area-Types Stub, Totally Stub, NSSA, Totally NSSA
    External routes
    OSPF tuning: costs, bfd, gr, auth, vrrp, virt link
  • BGP
    Overview: i/e bgp, as numbers
    Best path selection
    Configuration: route announcement
    Route filtering to prevent transit as
  • IGMP
    Unknown multicasts
  • Multicast Routing: PIM
    PIM DM
  • 802.1X Authentication
    Overview: roles, requirements, coa, accounting
    Dynamic port configuration: avp, acl, qos, VLAN
    Port-based vs. user-based: examples
    Radius service tracking, critical VLAN
  • MAC Authentication
    Overview: Use cases
    Radius-based MAC Auth
  • Dynamic Segmentation
    Leverage dynamic segmentation features
    Configure tunneled-node on AOS-CX switches
    Describe when and how to configure PAPI enhanced security, high availability, and fallback switching for tunneled-node
  • Quality of Service
    VoQ (Virtual Output Queue)
    QOS: queueing, QOS marks, dot1p, dscp
    Trust levels
    QOS configuration: port, VLAN, policies
    Interaction with user roles
    Queue configuration
    Rate limiters
  • Additional Routing Technologies
    VRF – Management VRF
    PIM SM
  • Capitve Portal Authentication
    Overview of guest solutions
    Built-in web auth
    ClearPass redirect with CPPM



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