The hybrid cloud market is accelerating and is expected to reach $145 billion by 2026.*

Enterprises have begun venturing into the space between the known and the unknown of their digital cloud future. This growth is driven by the demand for agile, scalable and cost effective networking, the need for system interoperability between cloud and on-premise solutions and the acceleration towards digital transformation.

These new hybrid universes, blends of on premise and Cloud solutions, will propel transformation in today’s businesses.

There is no linear journey, no roads, no maps or compass points.

Let Exclusive Networks and Nutanix guide your journey through the Hybrid Cloud Universe.

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It’s never been more important for end users to have consistent and reliable access to their applications and data. Nutanix allows enterprises to free themselves from the complexity and cost of legacy IT systems and embrace the power of cloud.

The hybrid cloud market is accelerating, this “new normal” is driving organisations to accelerate digital transformation initiatives to ensure their business can thrive in a digital economy. While this transformation encompasses people, process, and technology, it is the underlying technology that forms a foundation for a successful initiative. A big part of this shift is modernising the on-premises IT environments and applications that span data centers, edge locations, and public clouds.

According to ESG research: ‘For the last two years, deploying hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions has been one of the top three most-cited investment priorities for modernising data center environments.’

Nutanix Accelerates Adoption of Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments.

The Nutanix vision has always been to make the underlying infrastructure invisible to the users. Its goal is to create a platform that provides consistent management and IT controls anywhere it is deployed. The software platform started with on-premises HCI solutions, then expanded to include the entire data center, and now it is simplifying cloud environments, more specifically, by providing the ability for organizations to manage hybrid and multi cloud environments as a single entity.

Organisations need to transform and are rapidly adopting public cloud services; however, it’s important that this transition serves as an enabler and doesn’t create additional complexity for IT operations teams. Given that the top goal of digital transformation efforts is to become more operationally efficient, it is important that any new solutions deployed will simplify the IT environment and enable the business to be more agile.

Nuntanix can guide you on yours and your end users journeys through these Hybrid Cloud Universes.

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