Hybrid and multi-Cloud – Blurring Lines Between Private and Public Clouds

To tame complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud IT operations, new technologies aim to seamlessly translocate applications and data when business needs shift.

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FLOW: Micro segmentation is mega secure

FRAME: All you need to run software is a browser

BEAM: Automated decisions save the most cost

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

What is Hyperconverged infrastructure?
Hyperconverged infrastructure combines servers and storage into a distributed infrastructure platform with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays.

What problem is the solution solving?
In the era of hybrid cloud, traditional 3-tier infrastructure can no longer keep up with IT needs. It’s complex, unwieldy, doesn’t provide a firm foundation for DevOps, and can’t scale with the magnitude it used to. Instead, HCI is the infrastructure of choice for companies that want to stay competitive and ensure their datacentres are Cloud ready.

Key product features
• HCI converges the entire datacentre stack, including compute, storage, storage networking, and virtualization.
• Complex and expensive legacy infrastructure is replaced by a distributed platform running on industry-standard commodity servers that enables enterprises to size their workloads precisely and to scale flexibly as needed.
• Each server, also known as a node, includes x86 processors with SSDs and HDDs.
• Software running on each node distributes all operating functions across the cluster for superior performance and resilience.
• Hardware platform configurations are available to fit any workload by independently scaling the various resources (CPU, RAM, and Storage) and can be provisioned with or without GPU for graphics acceleration.

Key benefits
• Turnkey Infrastructure – Integrated server, storage, networking, and virtualization resources along with end-to-end systems management and operations management capabilities.
• Fast Deployment – Deploy infrastructure in minutes, so IT teams can elevate their focus to the applications and services powering the business.
• 100% Software-Driven – Supports a wide variety of different hardware platforms – including three of the four most popular server platforms in the world.
• Freedom of Choice – Use built-in virtualization or bring your preferred hypervisor and deploy on a wide selection of server vendors or buy a pre-integrated appliance from an OEM.
• Superior Performance and Resilience – Nutanix hyperconverged software running on each node distributes all operating functions across the cluster.
• Unprecedented Flexibility – A single cluster can have unlimited nodes, with node types having differing amounts of storage, CPU, and memory resources, so you can run multiple workloads with maximum efficiency.

FLOW: Microsegmentation is mega secure


Nutanix Flow

Nutanix Flow delivers advanced network security, providing visibility into the virtual network, application-centric protection from network threats, malware, and ransomware and security and compliance monitoring.

Flow allows organisations to deploy software-defined virtual network security without the complexity of installing and managing additional products that have separate management and independent software maintenance requirements.

Fully integrated into the Nutanix private cloud solution and Nutanix AHV virtualisation, Nutanix Flow differs from traditional perimeter firewalls by allowing network policy to be attached to VMs and applications, rather than specific network segments (e.g., VLANS) or identifiers (IP addresses). Through centralised management from Prism, policies are auto-updated throughout the VM lifecycle, removing the burdens of change management.

Key Functions:

  • VM Microsegmentation
  • Application Visualisation
  • Service Chaining
  • Policy-based Control
  • Identity Based Policy
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Compliance Audit and Reporting

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Allows you to run any software in any browser

Nutanix Xi Frame

Frame is the only global, infrastructure-independent platform that allows you to easily roll out apps and desktops. Nutanix Xi Frame is a cloud-hosted Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) that empowers any organization to deliver and manage their desktops via a single console for seamless control and administration, providing a true hybrid experience.

  • Xi Frame is a cloud-hosted, desktop delivery service that enables Enterprises to deliver virtual desktops from public clouds such as AWS and Azure.
  • Xi Frame can also deliver secure desktops from a customer’s own datacenter. IT teams can now choose the right cloud – private or public for their VDI initiatives.
  • With full AHV support, Xi Frame is now available to thousands of Nutanix customers worldwide and adds another service to Nutanix-powered private clouds.
  • By making virtual desktops a true hybrid service, organizations can pick the best cloud environment for each VDI project; thus, optimizing the economics, security, geographical reach, and 3rd party services.
  • Desktops can be simultaneously delivered via multiple clouds, private and public and managed via a single console for seamless control and administration in a true hybrid experience

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Xi Beam delivers savings for public and private clouds.

Nutanix Xi Beam

Beam provides multi-cloud governance including security compliance and cost optimization to help organizations gain visibility, optimization and control over their cloud deployments. Beam enables cloud operations teams to multi-cloud with freedom.

  • Visibility into Cloud Consumption: Beam provides deep visibility into multi cloud consumption patterns at aggregate as well as granular levels. Beam continuously identifies anomalous behavior to ensure cloud operators can immediately identify when new security vulnerabilities occur or when cloud spending deviations happen.
  • Optimisation of Cloud Consumption: Beam uses machine intelligence to continuously provide cloud optimisation recommendations. Cloud operators can easily fix security vulnerabilities and right-size resources with just one click. Beam also provides optimal purchase plans for reserved instances that drive deep cost savings; along with 250+ audit checks to ensure compliance with industry standard regulatory policies and cloud best practices.
  • Control over Cloud Consumption: Beam helps you create automated policies that continuously maintain high levels of cloud efficiency by detecting and fixing any security vulnerabilities in real-time. Beam also helps you deliver your projects within allocated cloud budgets by automating various cost saving actions and reducing your overall cloud spend.

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