Your Nutanix Journey

Your journey begins on the Nutanix partner Portal. The learn page is your centralised hub to access Nutanix Training, certifications, and enrichment content located on Nutanix University.

All of the Nutanix Training for both sales and technical enables you to deliver effectively the value of Nutanix Solutions to your customers. A majority of the training is offered on-demand and is offered into convenient segments making it easy for you to complete.

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Nutanix University

Nutanix University

From Associate level to Expert level find the certification that fits your partner journey and access: Sales certifications (NCSR level 1, 2 and 3), SE certifications, Services certifications and more.

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Nutanix Sales Academy

The Nutanix Sales Academy provides the same peer-to-peer training that we provide to our internal teams to help you develop your skills as a trusted Nutanix resource.

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Access the training catalog and pick the right training for you no matter what your level is we have something for you! From Hybrid cloud fundamentals to advanced performance management courses we can help you fast track your growth!

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It is your Nutanix partner community that rewards you for:

– Learning about new products

– Using your skills to get certified

– Better understanding how to sell Nutanix products & services

– Taking part in sales incentives

What do I need to qualify for it?

– Be an Authorised Nutanix partner

– Have a valid account using your work email address on

How do I start collecting rewards?

STEP 1 – Go to and use your My.Nutanix registered email & password to gain access to the Americas Partner XTRIBE experience.

STEP 2 – After logging in you’ll see your profile, all of the channels and challenges available to you, activity from other partners, and the rewards store.

STEP 3 – Nutanix Partner XTRIBE is organized by themes and each of these themes are represented by a channel. Within each channel you’ll find one or more challenges that pertain to that theme – complete these challenges and you’ll earn points that you can later cash in for rewards in the rewards store.

STEP 4 – You can redeem the points that you’ve earned on Partner XTRIBE in the reward store. Pick and choose your rewards from a large catalog of rewards with categories such as: Certification Vouchers Nutanix SWAG e-Gift Vouchers Must-have gadgets. 

Deal Registrations

To Submit & track deal registrations your deal registration portal is the place to go to.

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Test Drive

Get your prospects to Test Drive Nutanix solutions and generate leads by using this Test Drive campaign.
Try/ demo Nutanix technologies

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Transform to a digital first strategy for your lead generation. Co-brand and share beautiful collaterals, nurture your customers in a few clicks and invite them to experience Test Drive to help you close deals even faster! Get access to digital campaigns in a box, inbound marketing and social syndication resources for your lead generation campaigns now!

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