Cloud Storage Specialist workshop

Duration 5 Days | Ongoing Course

The Cloud Storage Specialist workshop (comprised of CCP Modules 1, 2, 13, 14 and 15) provides instructor-led training and interactive lab exercises that cover the same topics as the Cloud Professional workshop, in addition to a series of topics on cloud storage devices, structures and technologies, including persistent storage, redundant storage, cloud-attached storage, cloud-remote storage, cloud storage gateways and cloud storage brokers.

Target Audience
The Cloud Storage Specialist workshop is intended for anyone interested or involved in hybrid or cloud-based data storage architectures and cloud application architectures with basic and advanced data storage requirements. This workshop is also intended for anyone pursuing the Cloud Storage Specialist certification. The courses in this workshop are suitable for application and enterprise architects, developers, database administrators, data warehouse professionals, BI professionals, big data professionals and data custodians.

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