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Extreme Networks – 20 februari – What’s New for Extreme Networks partners in 2020

  • This event has passed.


You might have seen that there were some changes in the partner program since January 2020. Their summary is available on partner portal – What’s New in 2020. We have integrated the Aerohive partner program with the Extreme Networks program and now we have a combined portfolio, price list and tools supporting both solutions. Many of these changes were communicated in December, when you and your teams were busy with closing projects and it could happen you missed some important information.

We have organized a short webinar where we will do a summary of all key changes in the partner program, to get you up to date. We will share the calendar of key dates and milestones with some required steps to be done by you or your team. In the second half of webinar we would like to help you with positioning Aerohive portfolio and show you some interesting tools, incl. how you can organize demo for your customers.

Here is webinar agenda:

Partner program (30 mins)

  1. What is new in 2020
  2. AH integration under Extreme partner program
  3. Specializations update
  4. Extreme Champion & Extreme Hero programs
  5. Partner Works program
  6. Partner tools
  7. Where to find more info (using partner portal)

Extreme CloudIQ solution (30 mins)

  1. Why ExtremeCloudIQ
  2. Promotion
  3. How to build kit list for order
  4. How to get access to demo
  5. ExampleCloudIQ bundles solution (retail in box)
  6. Short life demo

You or any your team member is welcome to join. The webinar is for Extreme Networks partners, not customers. Please, don’t share the link with them.

If any date or time is not fitting your plans, webinar will be recorded as well. The link with recorded session will be sent to all registered persons, so make sure that you register.

Date Time Location
2020-02-20 11:00 to 12:00

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