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Palo Alto Networks – 18 februari – NextWave Insights: Secrets for Selling Cortex XDR to NGFW Customers

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Want to know how to close Cortex XDR deals quickly? Position Cortex XDR as an add-on subscription for next-generation firewall purchases. Cortex XDR provides visibility into internal network traffic (NTA) and uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect hard-to-find threats. With this foundation, you also set your customer up for expansion into full detection and response across all data sources, only Cortex XDR can find and stop malware, targeted attacks, and insider threats anywhere in their network.

Join this action-packed webinar to learn:
· Why your customers need Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
· Best practices for positioning and selling Cortex XDR to your existing next-generation firewall customers
· How customers can use our new Cortex XDR Managed Threat Hunting service for around-the-clock monitoring
· Why our cloud-based machine learning technology allows us to stay ahead of attackers and avoid false positives
· Tips and tricks to discover new opportunities, start a SOC transformation initiative and beat the competition!

– Mitchell Bezzina, Director of Product Marketing
– Kasey Cross, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Date Time Location
2020-02-18 17:00 to 18:00 Online

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