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SIT CyberSecurity proactively improve your information security every day.

  • We base our analysis on the largest CyberThreat database in the world.
  • We provide scheduled information security scanning and analysis.
  • We help you manage treatment, remediation and mitigation of identified issues.

SIT was established in 1997. The business has been under development from being an independent IT and security provider to come to develop commercial activities in information security. We have conducted over 10,000 safety analysis worldwide and work continuously to improve our security services.

We convey our watchwords; strategy, structure and security, the three cornerstones of every business that is our specialty. For many years, we have acquired skills from certified training courses and have accumulated a wealth of experience from our work with our customers in these areas.

We have continuously built our cyber threat database over the years and we are proud to say that we now have one of the largest threat databases in the world.


  1. Analyze the internal and external environment to get the full picture.

  2. Identify any vulnerability and risk.

  3. Remedy the identified issues.

  4. Manage and document the issues.

We also provide Digital Forensic Services if needed to trace and document any instances of intrusions or Information Security fraud.


SIT Appliance

  • A pre-configured turn-key solution with automatic system maintenance.
  • Clientless operation backed by an unmatched AI-engine.
  • The only training needed is to produce, read and use the reports.
  • Full scalability with over-the-air updates to environmental changes.

SIT Appliance is using the worlds largest CyberSecurity database.

SIT Appliance provides a scheduled information security scanning, analysis and management of internal systems and environments with minimal need for user intervention. It is a clientless solution backed by an unmatched AI-Engine, to always provide operational and actionable data for relevant and proactive remediation to proactively increase your information security.

SIT Xternal

  • You will learn your systems weak spots with extensive perimeter defense testing.
  • Maximize the effect from your perimeter protection.
  • Improve your intrusion detection and prevention.
  • Gain insight on how to best protect your system from external threats.

SIT Xternal use checklists based on the worlds largest CyberSecurity database.

SIT Xternal will check the security of any external access through Firewalls and you can also match it against internal systems to instantly get the full picture. You will receive information on how to prioritize efforts and gain insight into how to best use available resources to get the maximum effect from the perimeter protection in place.

SIT Professional Services

  • Training improve awareness and preparedness in the organization.
  • Custom-made information on what you need to do to improve routines and policies.
  • Extensive Digital Forensic Services when any intrusion or data leakage is confirmed.
  • Code validation and Security Audits to pass various EU and US standards.

SIT Professional Services help prepare your systems and your organization to effectively combat information security threats.

  1. An Organization needs Awareness training to better understand how cybercriminals operate in order to gain trust or access to information or systems.
  2. Someone in an organization gets their laptop infected with malicious code and unwittingly brings it to the internal network inside the Perimeter Defense and it needs to be tracked and removed.
  3. An organization gets directly targeted by a Phishing attack and needs to increase their preparedness in order to defeat this.

We can provide a number of different services ranging from Code Validation for internal development, Security Audits based on various EU and US standards, Red Flag Excercises to test the preparedness of an organization, Awareness Training for the staff, Social Engineering tests to check awareness and test routines and policies.

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