Simplexity – The Key to Reseller Success in a Software Defined World

‘Softwareisation’ is an ugly way of saying it, but is my best stab at describing – in one word – what’s happening to the old and increasingly outdated, hardware-dominated ways of IT. With vendors increasingly pushing virtualised solutions, and end users demanding IT-as-a-service consumption models, the onus squarely falls on resellers to satisfy both ends of the chain.

So as a reseller you have two ways of looking at this:

1) This is great! Technology is so exciting right now; I just need to make sure I stay relevant to my customers, add value to the direction they want to take their businesses, delivering support, advice and skills where necessary.
2) This is terrible! Why can’t we just sell big boxes of kit anymore? Sooner or later the only product we’ll be able to trade is a software license key at or near zero margin. Anyone can do that. What will be our purpose?

It’s your choice, but it’s one that is fundamental to the future prosperity of your business as advancements in technology – particularly the advent of cloud and virtualisation – are changing the face of the IT channel. Who’s to say the future won’t be just like the software licensing market? You can be frightened by that, or inspired by it. Whatever your emotions are, it’s time to grasp a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine your business and deliver enhanced value.

The whole driver for the SDx world is simplicity, speed of service, scalability, flexibility and – let’s not forget – velocity and lower cost. As more business applications and workloads look and feel just like selecting another app off your smart device, this easy and intuitive process can hide the fact that behind this new world order of computing is a complex mix of new services, technologies and techniques that still need designing, integrating and maintaining.

It’s a bit like a swan – what you see above the water is very simple and graceful. However, what you don’t see below the water is the complex movement that propels it forward. This is what we mean by Simplexity – making the complex appear simple. And in a market where experience is low and skills are scarce, it’s a perfect opportunity for resellers to add value.

So with IT buyers striving for simplification, the challenge and opportunity for resellers is how to deliver it as a coherent group of solutions and make it work for their precise needs. Compounding this challenge is the fact that you no longer have the luxury of doing all this in a development lab. Rather, it needs to be done in real time, with real apps and workloads, in the production environment (or, to use the new term, DevOps, which I’ll cover in another blog).

Simplexity is the approach to countering these contradictions. Resellers that know how to deliver simplexity:

– Really believe in making advanced, next generation IT solutions as simple as possible to create, deploy and operate.
– Understand that organisations want to deliver a unique, ‘consumer-like’ experience for all their IT service users.
– Have the frameworks and consultative insight to decode and simplify the technology landscape.
– Put IT automation at the heart of their solutions, so that customers aren’t distracted or slowed down by unnecessary management overheads.
– Have access to technical facilities that let them demonstrate the simplicity of new IT solutions in a secure environment.
– Have the project management and client skills to support the development and implementation of their customers’ long term IT strategies.
– Are willing to manage DevOps integrations

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And he knew a thing or two about advanced technology.

Right now, not only are organisations crying out for simplification of advanced IT, but they are doing so during one of the biggest global IT skills shortages of all time. Now if that’s not the perfect scenario for the IT channel to add value and create opportunity, then I don’t know what is.