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Deep dive how to make use of ‘ Mitre ATT& CK evaluations’

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Round 2 MITRE ATT&CK evaluations pitted Cortex XDR against 58 stealthy, sophisticated, customized tactics and techniques that have been leveraged by the threat actor group APT29 aka Cozy Bear or The Dukes.

Specifically, this evaluation tested the powerful combination of automated product detections and enrichment in the Cortex XDR Managed Threat Hunting service.

In this webinar we will present:

– Go over the MITRE ATT&CK test and its methodology

– Examine the results, including leaders and laggards

– Dive into why Cortex XDR emerged as a leader

– How you can leverage all these results in your customer engagements

Join this webinar to get the most detailed insights!

Date Time Location
2020-10-24 16:00 to 17:00

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