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F5& NGINX Webinar: Do You Need an Ingress Controller?



The Kubernetes Ingress Controller is both widely used, and widely misunderstood. In this webinar Leif Beaton (Senior Solutions Architect at NGINX) will be covering all aspects of this software infrastructure component, including the benefits, and the potential downsides. We will dig deep into questions such as ‘Is the ingress controller mandatory?’ and ‘What are the similarities between the Ingress Controller and an API gateway?’

There is also a fascinating history as to how this component came to be, and where it fits into the Kubernetes Open Source Project. Key architectural and purchasing decisions with important implications going forward are regularly made regarding the Ingress Controller, sometimes without all the necessary information.

This webinar aims to leave all visitors with key insights into making the right design decisions.

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2020-06-17 15:00 to 16:00

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