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Gigamon: GigaVUE-OS 5.5 Benefits

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Welcome to a new series of Gigamon EMEA Technical Channel Webinars which we are calling GigaBites. These are short 15-30 minute webinars discussing the latest Gigamon technology and providing you with useful tips on how to introduce this technology to your clients.

The first GigaBite goes through the benefits from the new GigaVUE-OS 5.5 release. Ollie Sheridan, Principal Security Sales Engineer, will provide you with an overview on three new features:

Gigamon Resilient Inline Protection (GRIP™) – Now facilitates the implementation of Inline Threat Prevention Tools within resilient network architectures and solves the Security Blind Spot in asymmetric routing
Fabric Maps, a feature Included with GigaVUE-FM, now enables mapping of Traffic Flows across clusters to scale network visibility across hundreds of nodes
Centralised and Reduced Components in GigaSECURE® Cloud for AWS and Azure


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12/02/2019 13:00 to 14:00

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