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Vectra: Using AI to Hunt Cyber Attackers

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The frequency of cyberattacks, and massive volume of security events generated inside enterprise networks has reached epic proportions. Armed with only manual threat-hunting and analysis techniques, it’s impossible for humans alone to stay ahead of advanced cyberattacks.

Join this webinar presented by Abdullrazaq Zahran from Vectra, and hosted by  Ibrahim Daye from Advanced Systems & Technologies [atm], to learn how AI is augmenting the cybersecurity analyst workload and improving incident investigation when cyberattacks occur.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Tasks well suited to AI and machine automation
  • Gains in operational efficiency that can be achieved when combining humans and AI
  • How the Vectra Cognito AI platform empowers security analysts, and reduces cyber risk

Who should attend

  • Incident Investigators: You’re on point to identify and resolve threat incidents. We’ll show you how AI can transform you into a cybersecurity superhero and gain clear and rapid understanding of active threats so you can quickly remediate them.
  • Security Architects: You map business risk to technologies and processes. We’ll show you how to identify opportunities for AI and automation to reduce cyber risk, and the demonstrable gains that you can achieve.


Date Time Location
18/02/2019 10:00 to 11:00

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