Nuaware Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)


Become a Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Nuaware (an Exclusive Networks company)


In this 4-day course attendees will master the foundational concepts of Kubernetes in development and production through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, including building and deploying Kubernetes applications, cloud native Continuous Delivery, and cluster monitoring and debugging.

This course also covers system components, core resources, and the requirements for minimum viable cluster security, to prepare engineers for the day-to-day reality of creating, maintaining and debugging Kubernetes clusters in production.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a deep understanding of containers and experience first hand how they are relevant to the modern web stack through Kubernetes.
  • Install and configure a Kubernetes cluster, containerise and deploy an application, secure its networking, and securely provision secrets into the cluster.
  • Understand how to run production Kubernetes clusters, including a range of topology and upgrade approaches, automated deployment and rollback strategies, and low-level cluster maintenance challenges.
  • Cluster debugging exercises strengthen attendees’ skills with hands-on scenarios intended to challenge their understanding
  • Gain an operational understanding of networking, storage and ingress, as well as failure detection and remediation with testing patterns for clusters and workloads.
  • Network security and enterprise RBAC patterns, and practice with hands-on debugging scenarios provide concrete examples of production failure cases and debugging workflows.


  • What real-world problems does Kubernetes solve?
  • Kubernetes in historical context
  • Container basics: Linux cgroups and namespaces
  • Core resources and kubectl
  • Kubernetes system components
  • Container networking
  • Developer workflow
  • Deploying an application: CI pipeline, containerisation, testing, secure configuration, liveness & readiness probes, and useful kubectl tips
  • Interactive cluster debugging
  • Installing, upgrading, and maintaining Kubernetes
  • Cluster architecture and topologies
  • Advanced features: networking, storage and ingress
  • Zero-downtime deployments and secrets management
  • Maintaining etcd
  • Enterprise RBAC and authentication
  • Testing cluster security
  • Comparison of cloud-provider Kubernetes offerings
  • Self-service, multi-tenant Kubernetes platforms for enterprises

Who should attend

  • Those who are new to Kubernetes and containers.
  • As well as those Engineers who have had some Kubernetes exposure but would like to cement and round-out their knowledge for running production Kubernetes clusters.
  • This course prepares attendees for the CKA Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.

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